Cherished Companion

          Your Pets' Care & Comfort In Their Own Home

Hello!   Welcome to Cherished Companion!

My name is Janet and I have been blessed with many opportunities throughout my lifetime.  The one I keep coming back to is my love for, and working with, animals.  My father grew up on a farm and did not believe animals belonged in a house.  He was not very amenable to having a 'pet'.  My mother grew up as a 'city kid' and had dogs, and even rabbits growing up, so thought we should have a pet.  Mom won.  Through the years we had an array of dogs, mice, hamsters, a couple of turtles, a goldfish, and cats.  It was interesting to see dad come around and not only accept but truly care for, and about, all the critters.

And so it continued.  From the time I left home, and up to today, I had/have pets.  I also felt strongly that my children grow up with pets, and they did.  We had everything from cats and dogs, fish, birds, even an iguana who lived to a ripe age of 15.  No matter what career I had, I was continually pulled back into working with animals.

A few years back, my children and I went on a trip, which meant having to find someone to look after my home and pets.  This was not an easy feat as we were going for 6 weeks.  I needed to find someone I could really trust with both my pets and my home.  This started me thinking that I couldn't possibly be the only one who needed this service!  This was the start of an idea, which was to be stored in the back of my mind.  For a while.

I eventually took a Positive Dog Behaviour Training Course, which included a 9-month 'hands-on' component before a final exam.  This was a great way to learn and have the opportunity to put into practice what one had learned, while having a mentor to guide you through.  I have continued learning, not only by training my own and other dogs, but also through reading, webinars, and more specific on-line courses to compliment the training and to keep informed.  That idea was still there.

Moving to Calgary, I started working with animals.  Volunteering at a Humane Society, getting involved with rescue work, working at a Kennel and a Veterinary Clinic.  Then on to a Canine Physiotherapy Clinic, and an Emergency Animal Hospital.  While working at the Veterinary Clinic, my co-worker was accepted into Veterinary School.  This meant she had to move away for a few months, and needed someone to house sit and take care of her 2 cats. She also needed someone to take over her pet-sitting clients.  I jumped at the chance and loved every minute of it.  I had found my niche.  For the past 8.5 years I have been pet & house sitting, making it possible for pets to stay in the comfort of their own home, keep their familiar routine, and give owners the peace of mind that their pets', and homes, are being well taken care of while they are gone.  The idea had come to be a reality, and Cherished Companion was born.

Serving the SW:  Artist View, Aspen Woods, Cougar Ridge, Crestmont, Discovery Ridge, East Springbank, Mount Royal University, Patterson, Pinnacle Ridge, Signal Hill, Signature Park, Springbank Hill, Wentworth, Westsprings

Serving the NW:  Bowness, Scenic Acres, Tuscany, Valley Ridge