Cherished Companion

          Your Pets' Care & Comfort In Their Own Home

Professional Pet Sitting / House Sitting

As you know, your animal companions adjust better to your absence and experience less anxiety and stress when they remain in their own home environment. That’s why in-home pet care is the choice of pet owners and the “pet-preferred” method of vacation care.

Cherished Companion offers daily visits to your home or overnight stays while you are out of town. We provide flexible, customized services for you and your pets to ensure the individual needs of each are met.  Communication with our clients is very important. We are happy to connect with you via phone, email, text, and/or social media to keep you informed while you’re away. 

Benefits of Professional Pet/House Sitting:
  • Convenience and Peace of Mind
  • Qualified, reliable, professional caretakers
  • No interruption to your home insurance
  • Can be more economical than kenneling
  • No imposition on friends or neighbors
  • Home security and house services included
  • No need to leave work when pet is ill or injured
  • Happier, healthier, better adjusted pets

Benefits to your Pets:
  • Reduced stress, familiar surroundings, all the comforts of home
  • Diet and exercise remains the same
  • No “Travel Trauma”
  • Outdoor breaks for your dog while you are at work.
  • Health Concerns: Post Operative Care, Medications, Special Needs
  • Loads of affection, personalized companionship, play and tummy rubs
  • Building a lasting relationship with your Pet Professional


We cannot replace you while you are away, however, we can give the love and care they deserve until your return. 

If you are away for more than one day, you can take advantage of our household services including having the mail and newspapers brought inside, and the plants watered.  We can adjust the window dressings and lights to give a more lived-in appearance.  Home security checks are done at each visit for your peace of mind.

Choose the service that suits the needs of you and your pets. One to several visits per day: All the care your pets need including feeding, medications and dog walks, clean ups and of course loads of love for your pet, respectful care of your home, and communication via the medium you wish.

Our visits are hourly, or overnight live-in care. This keeps things as normal as possible for your pets. 

Professional House Sitting Without Pets

No pets?  Going away and need someone to watch your house?  We can provide that service for you.  Whether you require someone to stay in the home, or drop in on a daily basis, we can provide that service for you.

Benefits to Professional House Sitting:

  • Convenience and Peace of Mind
  • Qualified, reliable, professional caretakers
  • No interruption to your home insurance
  • No imposition on family,friends or neighbors
  • Ensure Home security
  • Check home for any emergency maintenance issues
  • Bring in newspaper/mail
  • Water Indoor plants
  • Adjust blinds/curtains
  • Lights on and off