Cherished Companion

          Your Pets' Care & Comfort In Their Own Home

Pet Shuttle Service:

Whether your pet has to get to a veterinarian appointment, grooming appointment, or attend daycare, Cherished Companion will pick up your pet and ensure he/she gets there in a timely manner.  Life is busy these days and there are times when pet parents do not have the luxury of time or the transportation to carry a pet to an appointment. Some people simply don’t want the hair in their own vehicle, and some cannot bring themselves to look into their pets eyes as they leave them, even if it is only for a couple of hours.  Our pet shuttle can be used to transport ill pets to CARE Animal Hospital or Western Animal Hospital, for procedures. You might even come along for the ride to comfort your pet while we do the driving.

I will accompany your pet into the vet’s office if you are unavailable, and return them to you safely with a full veterinarian report.  For the protection of your cat or dog, a crate or pet seatbelt is used to transport your pet. You may be required to supply your own crate for us to transport your pet.  The pet shuttle can be combined with any of our other pet care services in order to provide you and your pet with worry free care.

Pet Shuttle Rate:  $25.25**

**Fees are based on time and includes GST