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Jan has been taking care of our cats for the last few years. She has been able to administer our one cats medication twice a day every time. She has been incredibly reliable, even calling to let us know when our heat went out! After having this incredible service I would never use anyone else!                               Rachel
                                                                                             Nov 5, 2015 

Jan has been looking after my dogs (and birds) when I have gone away over the last couple of years. I cannot say enough good things about this special lady. She has a special way with the animals, even my hard case boy. She won him over in two days. My babies were happy and content when I got home. I got detailed messages once a week while I was away about my "kids" which was a special touch. Jan has become my friend and a very special member of my extended family. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. On her picture gallery, Fonzi, Mallory, Pepsi, Tequila and Purdy are my crew. She is an awesome lady!!!!!!!!!                                              Caroline
                                                                                              Nov 6, 2015

Janet is more than just a dog sitter; she's a trainer, as well as a sounding board for pet owners. She was able to win over Pepe in her first meeting with him. Janet is great!  
                                                                                              Nov 6, 2015

We are so thankful for Jan. As first-time cat owners we were unsure how our new adoptee would adjust during our absence. We had nothing to worry about, coming back from vacation to a happy cat. Several vacations later we still rely on Jan to take care of Calamari. We can highly recommend her services.
                                                                                   March 30, 2016

Janet is the only person I've ever even thought about looking after my fur babies. I trust Janet 200% with them. One of my cats has a birth defect and needs to be given supplements daily, and my cat also needs to be monitored with a knowing eye, which Janet truly has! I have an older cat that Janet is amazing with.  My older cat has trust issues yet took to Janet right away, and is as happy with Janet as she is with me. I also have 2 kittens that are high energy who both require lots of attention. Yes my fur babies have very different needs and require someone who truly knows their needs and why and how to meet their needs! Janet does this and so much more.  Janet goes above and beyond for my fur babies! Janet has the knowledge and experience that is a dream come true for all fur babies and their parents. When I am not home to look after my fur babies, Janet is the only one who will be looking after my fur babies.


                                                                                    July 10, 2016

JANET looked after our home and critters when we lived in Calgary. The animals loved her and we trusted her implicitly. After moving to the Toronto area we could think of no one else to care for our home and animals (2dogs, 3 cats) so we could have a stress free holiday. Would I recommend her? Hell yes!

                                                                                     Steve & Susan

                                                                                     Feb 23, 2017