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In 2011 I became a certified Dog Trainer, after a year of Theory and 9 months of hands on training with a mentor.  Since then, I have continued learning through books, DVD's, Webinars, and joining like-minded groups.  I believe in positive training, and have seen for myself the difference in the way a dog reacts to the different 'types' of training.  Making it fun, and not punishing them for 'doing it wrong', but rather praising them for getting it right,  makes a world of difference in how the dog responds.  

TRAINING:  $525 for 7 weeks / Session


Puppy Class A (8-12 wks old):   I have a new puppy, what do I do now?  Learn how to fit a collar.  What type of leash to use.  Puppy pads and Crate training.  Vet visits - When do we go, how to make sure puppy is relaxed.  Grooming - nails trims, ear cleaning, bathing and brushing.  Food - what should I feed my new puppy?  Open discussions.  Very basic cues to begin with, and progressing from there, etc.  There is a lot to learn with a new puppy, besides commands, in order to have a well-adjusted family member.

PUPPY CLASS B (12-24 wks old)- Basic manners:  We will go through Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Fetch.  Homework will be given each week, building on the week before.  If you have taken the Puppy Class A and are continuing on with Puppy Class B right away, a 25% discount will be applied.

BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES: Whether your dog has had prior formal training or not, sometimes behavioural issues arise that we just cannot seem to get under control.  Sometimes the training just needs a little bit of a change, sometimes more is needed.  A no-charge consult is set up to assess what is going on, and a plan set in place after that.  The fee is rated on an individual basis dependent on what the issue is and how long it is going to take to change the behaviour.  Discussion will take place at the consult.

The first meeting is a complimentary consult.  The training is a seven week private training course with one formal lesson per week.  Skills are given as homework each week, building on the week before.  Contract signing,  setting the training day and payment are all due at registration.  Payment is non-refundable, and classes will not be extended due to cancellations.  A cancelled class, however, may be rescheduled within the same week, depending on time constraints.