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Pet Services

 Why Hire A Professional?

 Pet people know that most animal companions adjust better to their owner’s absence, and experience less anxiety and stress, when they can remain in their own home and keep their own routine.  A Professional Pet Sitter has the knowledge and experience to ensure bolters don't get out the door; approach your shy pet(s), notice if something is 'off' with a behaviour, eating habits, or bathroom habits, and notify you immediately. Professional  Pet Sitters know how to give medications, and have different tricks up their sleeve for those hard to pill pets. Professional Pet Sitters are also insured, bonded, and have references.

 Cherished Companion offers daily visits to your home, or overnight stays while you are away, and provides in-home pet visits for any pet, large or small.  While you are away, both your pet(s) and home will be well cared for, and visited as many times a day as you request.  Cherished Companion also offers overnight pet and house sitting services.  I will meet with you and develop a pet care plan that meets both your needs and the needs of your pet(s).  

 A typical 30-45 minute visit to a home may include the following but is customized to suit the needs of your pet:

For your pet:

Food and water as outlined by you

Fun, safe play and exercise

Scooping litter box

Basic wellness check

Medication administration

Private dog walk, exercise or play

Loads of TLC, tummy rubs and individual attention

For your home:

Indoor plant watering

Mail and paper pickup

Garbage and recycling

Walk through security check, and visible presence

Advantages for your pet(s):

Reduced stress, familiar surroundings

Diet and Exercise remains the same

No “Travel Trauma”

Health concerns: Post operative care, medications, aging

Fun, Loving Care

Advantages For the Client:

Convenience and Peace of Mind

Economical to Kennelling

No imposition on friends or neighbours

Home Security

Special services and home care

Less destruction and fewer puddles to come home to

Cherished Companion strives to ensure that all the comforts available to the pet are provided. We cannot replace you while you are away but we do our best to fill the void until you return.  Insured, bonded, and Vet recommended.

Looking for a service not mentioned?

Please feel free to ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Contact Cherished Companion to Schedule Your Pet Services Today. Your pet companions will thank you.